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Charlotte/ NC

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  • Began martial arts training at age 8

  • 1st degree Black Belt in Taekwondo/ age 12

  • 4th degree Black Belt (master)/ age 18

  • Opened business at age 18 teaching martial arts at local schools and rec centers around CLT.

  • NC State Champion- Taekwondo (GOLD)

  • NC State Games (GOLD)

  • JR Black Belt Festival (SILVER)

  • Junior Olympics (BRONZE)

  • Blue Belt (3rd degree) in Brazilian Jiujitsu under Marlon Loor Vera (Team Atos)

  • Newbreed Charlotte Champion (GOLD) Blue belt & white belt)

  • IBJJF Charlotte Open (SILVER)

  • IBJJF Long Beach Open (SILVER)

  • Naga Charlotte (GOLD)

  • Specializes in striking (punches & kicks), grappling, submissions, getting away

  • Over 15 years of teaching experience

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